Family Doctor in Summerwood: Top 4 Common Cancers in Children

Cancer is one condition that is dreadful to everyone. Most people term it as a death sentence, but it is not always so as it depends on which stage the cancer was when it was diagnosed and how quickly one starts medication after diagnosis. Cancer affects people of all ages. The main cause of cancer has never been fully discovered, but thanks to advances in science technology, cancer is treatable when diagnosed at an early stage. This is the reason people of all ages are advised to go for regular checkups by a Family Doctor in Summerwood. Listed below are the most common childhood cancers.


Leukemia is also known as cancer of the bone marrow and blood. Around 31% of all children cancers are leukemia. Leukemia causes a child to feel fatigued, bone and joint pains, pale skin, weakness, bleeding or bruising,pale skin, fever, weight loss as well as other symptoms.

Brain and CNS (Central Nervous System) tumors

These take about 21% of childhood cancers, and they fall second in most common childhood cancers. Brain tumors are different, and each is treated differently. They begin in the lower parts of the brain causing one to have headaches, vomit, blurred vision and difficulty in holding objects or walking. Spinal cord tumors are not as common as brain tumors.


This type of cancer takes about 7% of childhood cancers. It starts in the early stages of life like in the formation of nerve cells in the embryo or fetus. It mostly affects children who are less than ten years. The tumor can start anywhere, but it mostly occurs on the child’s belly.

Wilms tumor

This cancer takes 5% of cancers in children. It affects one kidney, or both, but rarely both. The tumor, which shows up as a lump on the belly, mostly affects children under the age of six years. Apart from the swelling, symptoms like fever, nausea, pain and loss of appetite may show.

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