Experienced Adolescent Therapy Center in Burnsville

Options Family & Behavior Services is a wellness center in Burnsville. Our wellness center provides a variety of services. We specialize in adolescent therapy. If your child needs social or emotional therapy, we are here to help. All employees at Options Family & Behavior Services are licensed and have undergone extensive background checks. You can learn more about our adolescent therapy center in Burnsville in the blog below.

Adolescent Therapy

We provide therapy to teens who struggle with drug abuse, alcohol abuse, inappropriate behavior, and mental illness. We use multiple therapy techniques to help our patients overcome their obstacles. Our goal is to enforce an effective intervention that will put your child back on the right track.

Holistic Approach

We believe that holistic therapy is important. At Options Family & Behavior Services, the holistic approach involves the family of the patient. If your child is receiving therapy from our wellness center, then we will encourage you to be as active as possible during the process. Parents and guardians are encouraged to participate in therapy sessions and interventions.

Confidential Services

Our services are 100% confidential. Our adolescent therapy center in Burnsville follows strict HIPAA guidelines, and we will not share your child’s information with anyone. Our services are very private.

Contact us for more information

Options Family & Behavior Services is here to help. For more information, please contact Options Family & Behavior Services.

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