Determining If a Senior Needs In-Home Health Care Services in Philadelphia PA

Selecting in-home health care for a loved one can be confusing. Therefore, you need to make sure that you ask the right questions when making a selection or when contracting a service. For example, you need to know how many years the agency has been in operation. Also, find out if there a written plan of care in place for a patient’s treatment in which the patient, physician, and family all participate.

When Care Is Indicated in the Home

When considering in-home health care services in Philadelphia PA, you also need to recognize the reason for health care in the home. Care is often provided to older people who wish to maintain their independence, yet need the support of a professional caregiver.

Determining the Level of Care That Is Needed

In some instances, in-home health care services are recommended for patients who come home after surgery and need supervision or assistance while convalescing. Some patients who are recovering from injuries but need the support of an experienced professional also require care.

Care for Chronic Conditions

In-home health care services for many seniors means caring for the needs of people who have chronic disabilities or disease. These conditions may include heart failure, Alzheimer’s, kidney disease, or diabetes. In these cases, the patient requires careful monitoring but does not want to enter a skilled care facility.

Who to Contact

Companies such as the Angels On Call support elderly people by offering domestic workers to take care of everyday tasks and needs. They also provide supplemental assistance to fill in times when hospice care is unavailable. These kinds of workers can coordinate with the hospice staff so that the patient’s continuity of care is not interrupted.

Whatever your reason for in-home health care services, you need to make sure all your questions are answered first. Make sure that you understand the extent and level of care and that it meets with your loved one’s health care needs and goals.

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