Caring For Injured Toes And Seeking Services Offered By A Podiatrist In Kenosha WI

If an individual fell during a sporting event and is suffering from a toe injury as a result, it is important for them to be treated by a podiatrist so that their toes heal properly. The tips below will assist with reducing pain and swelling during the healing process.

Wear A Cushioned Slipper And Elevate The Injured Foot

A cushioned slipper that has an opening along the toe line will prevent pressure from contributing to discomfort associated with an injury. A slipper can be adjusted so that it is not too tight and can be worn while working or performing duties at home. A podiatrist in Kenosha WI may advise their patient to stay off of their feet as much as possible. When an individual is not working, they should elevate their injured foot.

A wedge pillow can be placed near the end of a couch or bed. After lying down, the injured foot should be propped up on the pillow. By elevating an injured foot, blood will not pool around the injured area and swelling may subside. An ice pack can be used to temporarily numb the injured area and reduce puffiness around the toes.

Soak The Foot In Epsom Salt That Is Mixed With Warm Water

Epsom salt possesses medicinal qualities that make it a suitable product to use for a foot injury. Salt that has been dissolved in warm water is capable of reducing pain and swelling. A shallow basin needs to be filled with moderately warm water.

Epsom salt should be sprinkled into the water. A spoon or spatula can be used to stir the salt granules until they have dissolved. A basin can be placed in front of a chair. The injured person should sit down before carefully setting their foot into the saltwater.

An injured foot can remain in saltwater for as long as an individual prefers. A saltwater treatment can be used daily to reduce discomfort. Once toes have healed, a followup appointment should be made with a Podiatrist in Kenosha WI.

A podiatrist may take X-rays and will check the flexibility of a patient’s toes to ensure that an injury has healed. Browse our website for additional information about foot and ankle injuries and the treatment services that are provided.

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