Calming Irritation In Your Bowels

A common condition that impacts the large intestine and other areas of the digestive tract is irritable bowel syndrome. You could experience anything from severe cramps to diarrhea depending on the severity of the condition. Some foods can trigger the condition as well as they irritate the lining of the intestine, making it uncomfortable to sit or stand until the food has passed through your digestive system.

An irritable bowel Jacksonville doctor can perform tests to determine if you have the condition or not. They also help determine some of the possible triggers are that you can stay away from so as not to aggravate the lining of your intestine. Unfortunately, you could require treatment over a long period of time until you become adjusted to the symptoms. You can manage the foods that you eat, along with stress levels, as ways to decrease the severity of the symptoms in most cases.

You’ll usually notice cramping and bloating in the early stages of irritable bowel syndrome. Once you have a bowel movement, then this feeling will usually dissipate. You might have an excess amount of gas, which is another symptom that often goes away after a bowel movement. A common symptom that is seen after the initial signs of the condition is an alternation of constipation and diarrhea. Your irritable bowel Jacksonville doctor can talk to you about foods that are healthy for your digestive tract that can prevent constipation and foods that could trigger diarrhea that you might want to avoid, such as those that are spicy or that have high amounts of fiber. There will likely be days when the symptoms are worse than others, especially if you have higher stress factors during the day or if you’ve consumed a larger amount of food than normal.

Notify your doctor if you notice any drastic changes in your weight or if you are unable to eat any food without feeling sick or seeing a change in your bowel habits. If you are looking for a specialist in digestive care, visit

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