Is It Better to Detox Alone or With Professional Assistance?

After so many months or even years of grappling with heroin addiction, you or a loved one has finally decided to make the commitment to become sober. By making this decision, you have made it one step closer to reaching recovery and a happier life. However, the way you decide to approach the recovery process is important. Some types of recovery programs, such as ibogaine for heroin addiction, will be more effective for people than others. One of the least effective forms of drug addiction treatment, however, is trying to quit cold turkey without any sort of professional help. Here are a few reasons.

Withdrawal Can Be Overwhelming

It’s commonly believed withdrawal symptoms from heroin abuse can prove fatal. While this isn’t the truth, it is proven heroin withdrawal is tough and often painful to endure on your own. Having a team of trained professionals to help you manage the symptoms can make this stage of recovery much easier. If you choose ibogaine for heroin addiction for your recovery plan, you can even bypass the worst of your withdrawal symptoms altogether so you can get to the root of your addiction more quickly.

You Become Far More Prone to Relapse

Withdrawal and relapsing have a strange relationship. The moment you stop using for a prolonged amount of time, you lose the resistance you had to heroin that caused you to ingest more of the drug. This is the part of recovery that can actually prove fatal because many individuals who end up relapsing typically take the same amount of heroin they used prior to detoxing. Because their tolerance has decreased, these same individuals are at a much higher risk of overdosing and even death. Choosing Ibogaine for heroin addiction, however, significantly lowers your chances of relapsing so your recovery can go much more smoothly.

You don’t have to face recovery from heroin addiction alone. To learn more about Ibogaine for heroin addiction and its benefits, call the Ibogaine Clinic at 1-888-741-3121 or visit their website.

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