A Podiatrist Provides Effective Treatment for an Ingrown Toe Nail

An ingrown toenail usually can be resolved at home before it gets infected or needs minor surgery. If the problem is ignored long enough, though, an appointment with a foot doctor could become necessary. For effective management of an ingrown toenail in Joliet, the person may see a podiatrist for treatment.

When to Consult a Podiatrist

A podiatrist should be consulted about an ingrown nail if the individual has a medical condition that makes serious foot infections a concern. Examples of these conditions include poor circulation, nerve damage in the feet, and Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes. In these patients, infections of the feet can be very difficult to eliminate.

A bacterial infection is another reason to see a foot doctor. Bacteria may invade the small wound that developed after the nail cut the skin. The area becomes red and swollen, and pus might ooze from the wound. Topical antibiotic solutions can be purchased over the counter, but that does not fix the underlying issue.

Effective Treatment

A foot doctor may be able to lift the ingrown toenail in Joliet from the skin. Minor surgery might be necessary to trim the infected skin away and drain the wound. Removing the piece of nail that has grown down into the skin may be required. In some instances, removing the full nail could be necessary. Although this can be troubling to the patient for cosmetic reasons, the toenail will grow back over time.

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