A Parent’s Guide To Assisting A Child With Dyslexia

A dyslexia diagnosis can often come as devastating news—to you and especially to your child. They may feel as if something is wrong with them and that they are lesser than their classmates. As a parent, you can help your child cope with these feelings and realize their dyslexia does not define them or make them inferior. Read on for tools on how to approach your child and assist them emotionally and developmentally as they start dyslexia treatment.

Don’t Come Down on Them

Most parents expect their children to do their best, but some view their child’s best efforts through a myopic lens. Demanding only flawless effort from your child won’t push them to excel, but will instead pressure them into wedging themselves into your standards. This can deeply harm a child’s self-esteem, especially when they fail at something.

Instead of expecting your child to always give 110 percent in everything they do, work with them so they’re always capable of putting in as much work as they can. Don’t be harsh with them if they don’t understand something or become frustrated with themselves. Gentle encouragement is what will help to guide your child toward success as they go through dyslexia treatment.

Read, Read, Read

As any dyslexia treatment specialist will tell you, reading is a highly important method to helping your child as they navigate living with dyslexia. No amount of effort is too small. Even everyday reading, such as what you come across as you are out and about, counts toward daily reading. As long as you set aside time each day for reading, you will be aiding your child leaps and bounds.

Don’t Forget to Research

Of course, you can’t offer the best possible help to your child if you aren’t aware of what dyslexia is. Be sure to look up reputable sources and talk with your child’s dyslexia treatment specialist, so you can understand the ins and outs of dyslexia and how it affects your child. You can then devise a more personalized plan on how to help with their condition.

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