3 Things You Should Consider Before Buying Ultrasound Equipment

As you begin searching for ultrasound equipment for sale, you should already have some idea about how it will be used. You should know how frequently it will be used and the specific purposes it will be expected to serve. This will help you evaluate equipment to ensure you buy the right machine for your medical care facility.


One reason it’s important to know how you’ll use the machine is that the use will determine the frequency you need. If you’re imaging the superficial layers of tissue, you will want a higher frequency range. For deeper scans, you’ll want a machine that offers a lower frequency range. A higher frequency range will be between 10-16 MHz, while a lower range will provide frequencies between 1 and 2 MHz.

Power Output

Generally, it’s better to look for a machine that offers a lower power output. A higher output is less safe for your patients because there’s an increased risk of burns and other types of tissue damage. Some machines offer a range of power output levels. It may be beneficial to have the option of adjusting output if you need to meet a variety of different needs.

Additional Features

As you shop for ultrasound equipment for sale, consider the extra features that can enhance the use of the machine. Examples of newer features include HD Live, Matrix, and Live 3D Echo imaging. You can also get a machine with a full color Doppler or a 3D/4D display. Every machine offers different features, so it may be a good idea to compare several machines within your budget.

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