The Benefits Of Learning The Buteyko Method

Breathing is something we do all our lives, and we rarely stop to give it any thought. However, if we become sick or develop health conditions that impact the quality of our lives, suddenly we may become very aware of breathing and the ability to get air into and out of our bodies.

For people with respiratory issues such as asthma, allergies or hay fever, emphysema, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, sinusitis, chronic bronchitis or any other number of issues breathing can become a challenge. However, incorrect breathing may also contribute to problems with the immune system, low energy levels, and poor immune system responses, so it really does have an impact on the entire body.

Learning to Breathe Again

The Buteyko method is a specialized form of training, or perhaps retraining is the better word, to learn to breathe the right way. Too often people have been taught to breathe in counterproductive ways, constantly taking in big gulps of air and breathing through the mouth and the nose.

Instead, the Buteyko treatment for breathing problems starts with helping people to breathe in a shallow, light and quiet form when they are sitting or engaged in light activity. This is the natural way to breathe, allowing the lungs and the body to maintain a balance of oxygen and carbon dioxide for optimal functioning.

The Impact

With the correct levels of oxygen and carbon dioxide in the lungs and the body, which typically means lowering oxygen levels and boosting the carbon dioxide levels in people with respiratory and health issues, amazing changes can be noted almost immediately.

With three short practice sessions a day using the Buteyko method people can reprogram their breathing process, and give their body just what it needs at a metabolic level.

The impact of using the Buteyko method as part of a daily routine will include:

  • Reduction in the symptoms of respiratory problems, including chronic conditions
  • Reduction in coughing and wheezing, particularly as related to asthma and chronic cough
  • Increased immune system response to address issues such as Chronic Fatigue Symptom
  • Increased levels of energy in the body since the metabolic systems are in balance and functioning to their potential
  • Decreased need for antibiotics and medications to treat symptoms of these conditions
  • Better, deeper and more restful sleep

This method, while not new, is certainly revolutionary for many people. There are literally hundreds of thousands the world over who have benefited from this practice and it well worth learning about as a preventative as well as a treatment option.

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