Middle Age and Neck Lifts

Everyone has heard of face lifts, but what in the world is a neck lift? The skin around the neck is very susceptible to gravity, and as we get older, we may notice more sagging or wrinkling. A neck lift tightens the skin, and possibly the muscles, in the neck area. Some people also opt for liposuction, or fat removal, from the neck during the surgery as well. There are a few different ways this procedure can be completed, and only your doctor can tell you what’s right for you.

How is it Done?

Doctors who perform neck lifts typically start with a consultation appointment. This is the time when you get to say what it is you’re looking for and what results you would like. The surgeon will talk to you about your medical history, how your procedure will be, and what you can expect during and after the surgery.

What to Expect After Surgery.

The risks post-surgery are very low. You will want to watch for signs of bleeding or infection right after your procedure. Your surgeon will also advise you that there is a small chance for scarring and numbness after this type of procedure. It will be uncomfortable having to pull a shirt over your head, so you will probably be advised to have some button up shirts ready for when you go home.

How to Know If You Qualify.

If you are a man or woman, you probably qualify! This surgery is done on healthy adults of almost any age as long as they meet the simple criteria. If the appearance of your neck embarrasses you, and you realize your closet is full of turtlenecks or button up dress shirts, it might be time to contact a doctor regarding your neck lift in Glenview.

If you need a neck lift in Glenview, contact Adam J Cohen MD or visit eyefaceandbody.com. Follow us on Twitter for latest updates.

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