Getting Help With Lower Back Pain in Conroe TX

The coccyx or tailbone is the last segment of the spine, and is located below the sacrum. It is composed of four or five pieces, articulated into two segments (coccygeal vertebrae) and looks like a triangle. The coccyx provides inserts of the gluteus maximus, which intersects the fibrous anocoxígeo ligament and the pubococcygeus muscle. This is part of what is known as the pelvic diaphragm or perineal region. If you are experiencing Back Pain in Conroe TX, you should seek local help right away.

Three signs characterized coccydynia

  • Pressure or pain at the tip of the coccyx;
  • Pressure or pain in the sacro-coccygeal interlining; and/or
  • Spasms of the peri-coccygeal muscles.

The pain in the tailbone area is called coxigodinia. Coxigodinia can range from mild discomfort to severe pain. Sitting causes or aggravates the pain, so there is actually a group of conditions that may have different causes and require different treatments. Injuries can be traumatic from falling backwards, or by microtrauma. Cyclists are a prime example because of the internal pressure caused when riding, and in some cases the tugging on the meninges (membranes that surround the central nervous system).

Other times you could experience a lumbosacral problem, which could disappear after adjustments. Traumatic injuries may be fractures, dislocations or subluxations, and in cases of a fracture, your local doctor will suggest plenty of rest. There are also non-traumatic causes of pain in the coccyx area, such as anorectal infections, cysts or tumors which cause the chiropractor to seek out a specialist referral.

Treatment begins with external correction maneuvers, although they are not the most effective. However, they are the most comfortable for the patient and with some frequency it is usually enough. But if that does not result in positive correction in a couple of sessions, the doctor will propose internal correction. Although it is more uncomfortable, he or she will perform a digital rectal examination, but remember it is not painful and it’s more biomechanically efficient. To discuss whether these option are right for you, it’s best to speak with a professional. For more information contact Visit Willis Spine And Rehabilitation Center today.

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